this board just similar to Mood Board ,but more specific and detail about design and product......

  • Having established the visual values, the styling board presents images of products or product features which convey the intended mood
  • should be from a diverse range of markets and have different functions.
  • the theme on which the collection is based
  • kind of like a collage, which has inspiration. Inspiration could come from anywhere whether it is the internet or on holiday or just at home
  • On theme boards there are sometimes thoughts and feelings
  • can put any thing on these boards like something that is special to you, drawing, photos, jewelleryabsolutely anything that is inspirational
  • Board with cut outs of things that represent what the theme of the collection is
  • will give flow to your designs
  • E.g.: Music "Theme" Board, you could subdivided in jazz, rock, classic
  • A form of stimulus material, comprising visual and/or verbal representation of an idea for a product or service, often outlining its attributes and benefits and used to present this idea to participants in research usually mounted on large boards so a group of people can easily see them
  • Such concept boards may be quite polished and resemble advertisements
  • may be very rough and unfinished
  • enable exploration of visual directions without using final content or imagery
  • allows designers and clients to agree on styles for imagery, type, color, composition, and overall "look-and-feel" without getting caught up in other details.

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